Card Printer

    • NUVIA card printer Series
      Nuvia N10 / Nuvia N15 / Nuvia N20 & 30
      TP9200 card printer series
      TP9000 / TP9200
      Laminator series
      NL200 Series
      Ribbons / Others
    • NTPK Series
      Card Personalization Module
      TPK-3000 / 4000 Series
      Card Personalization Module for Self-service Kiosk
    • TCM Series
      Motor Driven Hybrid Card Reader & Writer
      TTM Series
      Compact Type Motor Driven Card Reader
      TDM Series
      Manual Insertion Type Card Reader
    • TD-1000
      Single Tray
      TD-2A00(Serial) & TD-3A00(Parallel)
      Multi Tray
      RF Dispenser

Card printer
Pointman’s card printer nuvia series, direct thermal, breaks a new standard for reliable, affordable and easy to use ID card printer. Even with the smaller foot print, nuvia provides various features, dual hoppers in addition to various card encoding options, and dual sided printing. This desktop ID card printer is the best choice to make daily card issuance more convenient, more fast and most secured.

Kiosk Card printers
Pointman Kiosk card printer –TPK Series is dedicated to applications requiring self-serviced instant issuance of personalized plastic cards. The most outstanding feature of TPK series is that helps kiosk integrators to design cost-effective and innovative kiosk. A wide variety of card hoppers, various world-standard encoding options make TPK-series ready to fit any kiosk.

Card Reader
Pointman’s card reader & writer series is developed and upgraded in order to respond to the growing demand for reliability and security in card handling solution. Card reader series offers various security features such as full-shutter, anti-skimming and optionally available anti-phishing for high-level security. Extend the reliability and security of your ATM, CD and payment system with POINTMAN’s card printer series.

Card Dispenser
Pointman card dispenser TD-series has various features such as wide variety of card hoppers, high dispensing speed and very compact & robust structure. It can be combined with Pointman’s card reader & writer and card printer to meet field user’s growing demands.