Card Reader
TCM Desktop Type
Desktop Card Encoder (TCM-3000)
TCM-3000(Stand alone Type)
Desktop Card Encoder

Magnetic Stripe and Contact Smart Card Reader & Writer for Banking ATM, Kiosk
Field Proven Technology and Rich Experience
with Banks
ATM/CD, Kiosk Terminals, Retail POS terminals,
Access control terminals, Other ID

High reliability and durability
ISO standards compliant for chip card protocol handling
Triple, Side track read/write capability
Compact size and light weight ease installation in any terminal
User-selectable bit recording densities of 75bpi and 210bpi
Hico/Loco write capable
EMV 2000 Ver. 4.0 type approved
RS-232C interface
Low Amplitude MS Card Readable
Mechanism for warped card handling
Triple DES
Item Description
Card Format ISO 7810
MS ISO 7811 (Track 1, Track2, Track 3)
Read & Write Capable
HiCo/LoCo Capable F2F Reading Method
Head Life : 4,000,000 pass
IC Contact ISO 7816
EMV Level 1(EMV 2000 Ver. 4.0 type) Certified
Contact Landing Type
Feed Speed 400mm/sec ± 10%
MS Head Track Width Read Track Width :1.0mm
Write Track Width : 3.0mm
Shutter Default : Sensor Only
Option : MS Head(Pre Head)
Interface RS-232C
Power DC 24V/2A ± 10%, 2A
+5Vdc ± 10%
Ripple :
Less than 200m Vp-p (24V DC)
Less than 100m Vp-p (5V DC)
Weight 1.6KG
Dimension 212mm(L) X 108(W) X 76mm(H)
Operating Temperature : 5~40℃
Operating Humidity : 30 ~45 RH
Storage Temperature : -20 ~60℃
Storage Humidity : 10~95RH
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